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Kristine's Shower + Your Skin.

"Handmade" Match.

Our bath bombs, shea butter lotions, sugar scrubs, aloe-vera infused moisturizers, and cold-processed soap are just the solution for your dry, skin. All natural, hand picked ingredients make up our unique formulations, which are mixed by hand in small batches.

Here's what you'll find at Kristine's Shower:  Laughter over a KitchenAid mixer, a ton of glass measuring cups, lots of fresh, hand chosen ingredients, and people who care about what you put on your skin. 

Many people don't realize the difference small batches with quality ingredients makes. We do! Try our Bath  Bombs, Body Sorbet, Body Frosting, Aloe Whips, and 100% Soap and you will too.

Follow us to awesome-ness! Your skin will FREAK out!

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